tips in buying prescription medicines online

The Must-Knows on Buying Medicine Online

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To ensure safety and quality medicines, make sure that you purchase your medicines on trusted and leading drugstores online.

The convenience of having your essentials delivered to your home with just a few taps and clicks do come with risks. There’s always the danger of purchasing counterfeit items, goods that are near expiration, and even products that could lead to serious health concerns. 

Especially when buying medicine online, it pays to take your time before adding items to your cart and checking them out. Aside from reading through a product’s information, you might want to pay special attention to the details of the shop or site you’re ordering from. Make sure to keep these tips in mind: 

  1. Check if the site is a licensed pharmacy 
  2. Watch out for sites that offer prescription medicine without requiring a prescription
  3. Avoid online merchants offering medicines that are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 
  4. Opt for sites that offer access to a registered pharmacist 
  5. Read for feedback from previous buyers or from peers

Where You Can Safely Order Medicine Online

According to a 2019 advisory from the FDA, only FDA-licensed pharmacies with physical addresses are allowed to offer online ordering services. Where to safely shop for medicines online? Try these recognizable pharmacies in the Philippines.


An established health and beauty care chain store across Asia, Watsons gives you access to more than just the essentials. Check out these steps for their online ordering service: 

1. Search for your items. 

2. Add to basket. Don’t forget to read through the product details first. 

3. Review your order summary and check out. 

4. For a quicker transaction, sign in or create an account. 

5. Choose your preferred delivery and payment methods. 

Once an order is placed, you’ll receive an email confirming that your order is being processed. For added convenience, Watsons accepts payment via credit card, cash on delivery, or e-coupon. Delivery methods include home delivery or click and collect. 

For more information, visit the Watsons eStore

Mercury Drug 

Mercury Drug is a pharmacy you can trust to have everything you need to stay in the pink of health. Through their online ordering service called Gamot Padala, Mercury Drug offers 3 convenient ways to purchase health items and have them delivered to you or to your loved ones. 

  • Order Online 
    1. Place an order online. 
    2. Select your preferred Mercury Drug store. 
    3. Pick up or have your items delivered. 
  • Call, Order, Pick-up/Deliver
    1. Place an order by calling your preferred Mercury Drug store. 
    2. Schedule a pick-up or delivery. 
  • Order Anywhere, Pick-up Anywhere
    1. Place an order via phone or a physical visit to a Mercury Drug store.
    2. Arrange a pick-up or delivery from any Mercury Drug store nationwide.

Learn more about Mercury Drug’s Gamot Padala services.

Southstar Drug 

Also one of the most recognized pharmacies in the country, Southstar Drug carries a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products made available online via their official website. Ordering is as easy as searching for your items and checking out with your complete information. 

For online orders of prescription medicines, Southstar Drug is firm with requiring a valid prescription. They also offer Senior Citizen discounts, as long as you can provide your ID number and booklet information. 

Check out more of what Southstar Drug has to offer. 

Rose Pharmacy 

In their commitment to providing easy access to quality health and beauty products, Rose Pharmacy offers online ordering and delivery through these simple steps:

  1.  Search for your medicines. 
  2. Add to your shop cart. 
  3. Checkout. 

In adherence to the law, a doctor’s prescription will be required for prescription medicines upon checkout. In addition to this, upon claiming or during the delivery of your order, you will be asked to present your order ID number along with the original copy of your prescription. 

Catch more details about Rose Pharmacy’s online ordering service.


On the same page as the leading pharmaceutical retailers of the country, MedExpress seeks to attend to the health and wellness needs of the public by setting up multiple channels or ways they may be contacted through. You can:

  1. Order online via or email at 
  2. Call via hotline (02)833-3333
  3. Call or text via Viber at 0998-583-6987; Globe at 0917-895-3333, Smart at 0920-918-3333 or Sun at 0925-860-8621 

Prescriptions are a requirement for prescription meds, and so are Senior Citizen details for discounts. MedExpress offers to deliver your health products within 4 hours, within the delivery schedule cut-off for select areas. 

Make sure to browse through their FAQs to learn more.

Planning on making that online purchase soon? Go for true hassle-free transactions with safe sources, and don’t forget to double check with your doctor for the right prescription medicines too.